Backstory – Lilian Barbosa

I wrote this backstory for a casting call for a bachelor challenge but she wasn’t picked. You’re welcome to use it for anything you’d like! If you’re writing some lit with it, it’d be nice if you linked back to this post :).

I made it with a sim in mind, Lilian Barbosa, you can download her here, but feel free to use it for any sim you want!

Lilian was the first born girl of a very prestigious family, the Levonans. Her older brother, Eric, was heir to the illustrious family estate and their parents adored him, bringing him up to be the perfect little Lord. This bought much jealously along the siblings, especially the third oldest, Violet, who ached to be adorned in jewels and titles.
Lilian, while admittedly she would sometimes brood over the attention her oldest brother received, had little interest in carrying on the family legacy and spent her days dancing around the grand halls, painting pictures of the gorgeous grounds and and playing her violin with the birds at dawn.
A few weeks after her sixteenth birthday, her father gathered her and her siblings into the left wing drawing room looking very sombre. Lilian looked around the room and noticed a few faces missing, before she could gather her thoughts her father spoke up.
“Grandma, Grandpa, Mother and Eric have been in a terrible accident. None of them have survived. They were visiting the State…” Lilian didn’t hear the rest of what her father had said that evening but it became clear over the next year.
It was Lilian’s 17th birthday and she was to meet her suitor. He would propose shortly after dinner with some grand gesture. In the last year she had been vigorously vetted, trained and educated in the art of being the perfect, courteous lady. Her father had wasted no time in finding her a husband fitting of her new station and her siblings jeered and jabbed at her every failure.
This was not the life she wanted, as she listened to the party goers downstairs she thought about the future she had no choice in and despair filled her heart. She grabbed a small backpack and threw in some clothes, toiletries, books and paintbrushes. People would not notice her gone until dinner time when she was expected to make a speech, until then they’d be too busy making connections and conversation with people deemed higher in society than them. Lilian paused before she left her room, turned back and scrawled a note on her desk paper

Father, forgive me,
I do not want this. Give it all to Violet.
I love you all.
L x

Lilian left through the cook’s quarters and jogged to the tree line. She left her ancestral land dreaming of a more humble place to make her home…

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